Write a legal disclaimer for your business


The need to write a legal disclaimer for your business is important, because as you may not know it yet, it helps protect your business both physically and intellectually.
Legal disclaimers are statements created to delineate the physical and intellectual rights of your business and ensure its protection through proper trademarks and copyright laws.

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Report an emergency


Sometimes when you are in panic mode, it causes you to lose track of your senses and you do not know what to do next.
But it surely would help to know what to do in times of emergencies because you just won’t know when things get out of hand and may be too much for you to handle.
Emergency situations are often times beyond our control and although some may be easily handled, there are bound to be those that may be pr a greater magnitude that can get out of control.

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Create an IT consulting business and how to promote it


An IT consulting business may be the way to go if you want to embrace technology and take advantage of it, promoting it is the next big step.

There are numerous ways to promote your IT consulting business, but the key here is how you use your techniques to maximise the effort s to promote your business.

One of today’s most effective promotional tools is the internet and a lot of people, especially those who are involved in start-up campaigns have leveraged on the internet to promote and advertise their businesses and find it highly effective for them.

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How to Delete yourself from the internet


You start thinking about starting afresh and would like to redefine your online profiles and start from scratch, you might as well delete yourself from the internet.
This often happens when you feel you already have a lot of your online identity starting to creep into your life and starting to cause you anxieties, you might as well disappear and hope to start with a new profile and online identity.
Losing your online identity completely may not be totally possible, however, you can lose a significant amount of information about yourself through social media networks and web identity.

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Configure IIS for Windows XP Pro


If you are still running on Windows XP Pro, you might need to configure your Internet Information Services or IIS to gain access to the hosting services on the web.
The Internet Information Services was formerly known as the Internet Information Server and was created by Microsoft Corporation for use as a major internet application platform for the Windows operating systems.

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